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  1. 36М Denso

    Yes that is a CAN ECU but via Central Junction Box (maybe only trough it, no signal conversion). I can comunicate with the ECU with this pinout:
  2. 36М Denso

    Anyone know how to read this on the table ? It has SH7059 and s93c86. 2011 Jaguar / Land Rover 5.0L Naturally Aspirated.
  3. Nissan NEC029 -xxx 2007+ QR25DE 2.5L Hitachi F72531 S25A32 Pinout TESTED!
  4. Hi B, Andy here, I got a lot of MSV80 / MSD80 / MSD81 files. Also have these ECUs. Let me know if you uneed anything. KTAG is the best on these as it reads the pass thr fastest. Have diagrams too.


    Regards, Andy

  5. Need Access to Download

    OK, got it, thanks again!
  6. Need Access to Download

    Does any user know how to deal with this error? Help file in C: \ Program Files (x86) \ MMC flasher 10.0. Also I renamed it to MMC7.chm.
  7. Need Access to Download

    Thank you!
  8. Isuzu Transtron Denso, engines: 4JJ1, 4HK1, 6HK1

    Thanks Bruce, will try and report. At the moment customer picked it up to test in the car. Andy
  9. Stanislaw do you have any plans for this ECU. I can read / write with Piasini but can not correct checksum. KTAG reads but get checksum faults and it will not save the file. Inside SH7055 / 93c86. Or mayby someone can check if checksum is OK. File attached. Thank you. Andy 275800-2812 8973750190 1 Piasini.bin
  10. Need Access to Download

    Hello, is it possible to unlock my account to download help ??? Dongle ID: 2374 Purchased directly. Thank you!
  11. 47M Ford USA

    Mazda EEC-V 3.0L 2003-2005 [1536k] CAN. Очень хорошо работает, читает и пишет. Один вопрос к экспертам. Существует небольшая разница. Можете ли вы посмотреть на картинку и рассказать мне, что это? Я думаю, может быть, серийный номер. Я не передавал VID. Спасибо!