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Transtron 4HK1 safe?


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Has anyone ever used transtron module 70, for flashing Case  excavator with 4HK1 over OBD?
I managed to read without any problems, but I  have some people telling me that writing tends to fail, which is why people do them with KTAG in BDM.
Any truth behind that or just false stories?
Since I dont have KTAG at my disposal I would rather not take the risk, if the mmc obd solution is still rather in beta development stage.





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  • 4 months later...
3 часа назад, brookhaven66 сказал:

i asked support few days back,support tell me to ask "Bruce Willis' in forum. It's exact same ecu as "4KH1 safe" thread

I guess i can try support again

5 days back you don't send ECU photo and i gave link how need to ask pinoout, i gave you th same link as in my last post on this theatred. And i don't write you to ask any body, just link how need ask pinout in support, with ecu photo and connector photo.  Don't need write here, write to suport 1 good request and wait answer.

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  • 2 weeks later...
В 07.04.2021 в 14:26, Bruce Willis сказал:

Hello , you can have problem only if you write BAD EDIT SOFTWARE. In other cases all be ok!


mid it possible to recover if bad edit software was flashed and now no coms ?

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Some examples of tools I've made

very successful

case cx300c-350-370 transtron ecu sh7059  reading 1h 50 min write 30 min

isuzu novo 4hk1e6 transtron sh72544 1h 30 min reading write 10 min

isuzu dmax 4jk1 reading 1h 30 min write 10 min



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