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MMC Flasher USB Module 3 dongle can not use


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I had buy Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 USB Cable and EvoScan Software from EvoScan.

I try to use ecuflash and EvoScan to tune my cars.

Because I change the engine in my car. The engine is come from Japanse.

I replace the ECU which come from with the engine.

I use ecuflash to read the rom.

But an error occurred and it locked.

I find some information on the Internet.

It said that use MMCFlash can guarantee read/write ecu, and it also can unlock ecu.

So, I bought MMCFlash USB module 3 from EvoScan.


I also buy EvoScan 1.3U Universal USB Datalogging and Reflashing Cable too.

A few days later, I received a package.

I received only three things, one is Tax Invoice, the other is 1.3 cable line, the last is MMCFlash USB.

That is all.

Then I pluged USB module to my Notebook.

The USB was connecting normal.

There is no thing error want me to download driver else.

But I can not find the USB drive from Explorer.

Is this normal ?

Should I install MMCFlash 0.9.0 Software first?

However, I could not find the download address.

Or if it is attached in USB module.

Later, I referenced the manual from below web page:

Reflashing 2006-2011 4G Eclipse Eclipse4G GT/GS/Spyder


Read ROM:

step1. plug in openport 2.0 cable.

step2. plug in mmcflash usb dongle

step3. select "MH8104F[512K] can" (2nd option from the bottom)

step4. press Read

I thought it might work after I plug in the car.

I follow the step1 to connect openport 2.0, then plug USB module.

I thought MMCFlash Software will be executed automatically from USB module.

But the computer still did not work, so I could not continue the next step.

Please kindly instruct me the correct way to connect.

Or is my mmcflash usb broken.

My O.S. is windows 7, and I also shutdown the firewall and virus scan program too when I tried to connect it.

Best Regards

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I find the product USB Ключ in website.

Is it MMC Flasher 0.9.0 Software?

If I need to buy another MMCFlash USB module 2 later,

Should I buy two products USB Ключ And 2 Модуль M32r Mitsubishi?

Can I use Visa payment and ship to Taiwan?

Then you can instruct me the correct way to connect.


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