EgrOFF for Honda petrol vehicles
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EgrOFF for Honda petrol vehicles

May 10, 2023305

Today we are pleased to announce the new feature of our automatic service. For Honda gasoline vehicles with 7055/7058/7059 processor units from any manufacturer we have added the function of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) shut-off in automatic mode in just a few clicks.

EGR is an exhaust gas recirculation system that helps reduce emissions. It works by redirecting part of the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold for reuse in the combustion process. Over long periods of time, however, EGR can cause issues such as reduced engine performance, poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption.

Because of this, many motorists prefer to switch off EGR in order to improve the performance of their vehicle. Now for Honda vehicles with SH705X, this can be done automatically.

The new EGRoff function allows you to disable EGR quickly and easily and is already available on our website.

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