Correct error (algorithm) and system disabling in Nissan cars
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Correct error (algorithm) and system disabling in Nissan cars

May 10, 2023285

Colleagues, today we want to tell you about how to disable errors (algorithms) on Nissan cars with Hitachi ECU. Over many years of working with vehicles, you and us have used different solutions from different calibrators. Let's not talk aloud about certain companies and personalities. Now, after analyzing a number of firmware solutions that were used on real cars, let's look at two options:

The first option is a solution close to the correct version, but with the E2 firmware also disabled the ignition misfire detection algorithms. That is, in addition to the stated algorithms and codes, additional algorithms not stated in the description are also disabled.

The second option is the simplest in terms of implementation, when the error mask is partially or completely replaced with zeros. This variant is the worst, because practically nothing changes, except that the "check engine" light does not come on. For example, in the same E2 mass variant, the catalyst heating is not disabled and all the algorithms work as if it were in place, and the consumption does not drop to the lower side. We use the correct, proven algorithms! If you compare the stock file and the final E2 file, the difference will be 2-3 bytes. Also from the pluses of our service, we do all the changes on the downloaded file. For example, in the second generation Nissan Hitachi, most of the loaders only write the first part of the calibrations. If you replace the software, even though compatible or update, you can get a "corpse", which can only be picked up by JTAG with an autopsy.
Well and the first time there were a lot of errors due to file replacement to update or by mistake, we have excluded such errors. So if you want to properly disable errors on your Nissan with Hitachi ECU, use service

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