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  1. Honda Pilot 3.5AT KEIHIN maps

    Hi to all college! I need support with the maps in this car HONDA PILOT 3.5 6 cylinder AT gearbox Gasoline 2013 Your time thanks for the the Regard by by Sebastian Pilot 3.5 2013.rar
  2. Volvo C30

    Hi to all i have a customer Car Volvo C30 MK1 2.0 Gasoline with PCM ECU UCE made in spain. Module 36 is useful to read this car. Is not like SID206 I attached the pic. thanks in advance Seb
  3. Mazda 3 Skyactiv 2.0 & 2.5

    Hi Everybody . I would like that you all can give some help about this maps RPM at idle speed and RPM Statics. I attached a 2.5 file stock. Thanks in advance. seb 2.5Skyactive.rar
  4. 38M Honda/Acura Can

    Hi everybody !!! i have HONDA Pilot 3.5 2013 customer. some one have experience with this car, how read, write modify. Thanks Seb
  5. 48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Hi Bruce i attached the first BIN. The program say CHECKSUM Not Found. That means this PCM cant re calculate ? Kindly Regard Seb
  6. 48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    thanks for you time BRUCE ! i apreciate it. I cant download the firm form web ( fordtechservice.dealerconnection ), take a look my PCM , all we are DENSO because was build metalic case. thanks Seb MAZDA_DENSO.rar
  7. 48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Perfect i apreciate that. Only way to know if is crypto or not, is opened the ECU and see the MCU / MPC MicroProcesor? If is Mitsubishi the MCU is not crypto if is ???? the MCU is crypto I readed in this post that 33M i assume is 31M that if the MCU is Mitsubishi thePCM cooming form Japan, realy true ? If you can see my attached files , my cars cooming from USA, Tennessee thanks in advance. Seb
  8. 48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Thanks Bruce for answering ! Is there any way to know if the PCM DENSO is crypto or not? right now i will buy the module 31 Seb
  9. 48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Hi to all , i reade all post is so interesting. I buyed Tactrix openport and the module 48 (MMFLASHER) for Skyactive mazda3 and mazda 6 2.0 and 2.5 engine. I attached the PCM´s pictures I would like to know if ill can read , modify in winols and write , with re calculate the checksun. thanks in advance. Seb skyact3_seb.rar