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  1. sebasapri

    KIA CERATO 2.0AT Sim2K-241 Continental TC1767/TC1738

    Hi Bruce ! is possible make a immo off in this case ? Thanks Seb
  2. Hi everyone ! Someone has read this model before ? thanks for your time and support. Seb
  3. sebasapri

    HONDA Kehin family

    Bruce , do you have the reading ? PM please i have 2 but there are diffents. thanks
  4. Hi everyone ! Some of you colleagues have tried to read the new NSX. Attached pics. ECU and car. NSX Acura 2018.rar
  5. sebasapri


    Honda Pilot 2017 3.5 V6 New Generation with Eco Mode Software: 37805-RLV-K110 VIN: 5KBYF5850HB600135 CVN: D63A16AC CatN: 37820RLVK111M1 SN: H8942100211 Info: HTG8KA8000 Read(Honda[1024k] CAN) Module: Module 38 Honda CAN Size: 1024Kb Honda Pilot 2015 3.5 V6 Old Generation Software: 37805-RN0-K130 VIN: 5FNYF4850FB601567 CVN: 35BA652A CatN: 37820RN0K130M1 SN: 67952101480 Info: FSZAKA6000 Read(Honda[1024k] CAN) Module: Module 38 Honda CAN Size: 1024Kb Pilot3.5_2017_Ale37805-RLV-K110.bin Pilot3.5_2015_Pedro_37805-RN0-K130.bin
  6. Hi to all college! I need support with the maps in this car HONDA PILOT 3.5 6 cylinder AT gearbox Gasoline 2013 Your time thanks for the the Regard by by Sebastian Pilot 3.5 2013.rar
  7. Hi to all i have a customer Car Volvo C30 MK1 2.0 Gasoline with PCM ECU UCE made in spain. Module 36 is useful to read this car. Is not like SID206 I attached the pic. thanks in advance Seb
  8. Hi Everybody . I would like that you all can give some help about this maps RPM at idle speed and RPM Statics. I attached a 2.5 file stock. Thanks in advance. seb 2.5Skyactive.rar
  9. sebasapri

    38M Honda/Acura Can

    Hi everybody !!! i have HONDA Pilot 3.5 2013 customer. some one have experience with this car, how read, write modify. Thanks Seb
  10. sebasapri

    48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Hi Bruce i attached the first BIN. The program say CHECKSUM Not Found. That means this PCM cant re calculate ? Kindly Regard Seb
  11. sebasapri

    48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    thanks for you time BRUCE ! i apreciate it. I cant download the firm form web ( fordtechservice.dealerconnection ), take a look my PCM , all we are DENSO because was build metalic case. thanks Seb MAZDA_DENSO.rar
  12. sebasapri

    48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Perfect i apreciate that. Only way to know if is crypto or not, is opened the ECU and see the MCU / MPC MicroProcesor? If is Mitsubishi the MCU is not crypto if is ???? the MCU is crypto I readed in this post that 33M i assume is 31M that if the MCU is Mitsubishi thePCM cooming form Japan, realy true ? If you can see my attached files , my cars cooming from USA, Tennessee thanks in advance. Seb
  13. sebasapri

    48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Thanks Bruce for answering ! Is there any way to know if the PCM DENSO is crypto or not? right now i will buy the module 31 Seb
  14. sebasapri

    48M Mazda Denso Crypto

    Hi to all , i reade all post is so interesting. I buyed Tactrix openport and the module 48 (MMFLASHER) for Skyactive mazda3 and mazda 6 2.0 and 2.5 engine. I attached the PCM´s pictures I would like to know if ill can read , modify in winols and write , with re calculate the checksun. thanks in advance. Seb skyact3_seb.rar
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