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  1. ithinku

    Please help please?

    Thank you
  2. ithinku

    Please help please?

    Thank you
  3. ithinku

    Please help please?

    He did not 24 hours-email
  4. Hello! I had to buy MMCFlash USB module 3 in EvoScan Web site. I put the USB module plugged in my NoteBook. The USB module has normal link, but I can not find USB drive in my Explorer? Is this normal? Second, Is it must to install MMCFlash Software first? But I can not find the download site. Or MMCFlash USB module 3 has attached. Later, I refer to technical manuals link on the operation: Reflashing 2006-2011 4G Eclipse Eclipse4G GT / GS / Spyder http://www.evoscan.com/technical-vehicle-manuals/164-reflash-mitsubishi-4g-eclipse-gt-gs-spyder Read ROM: step1. plug in openport 2.0 cable. step2. plug in MMCFlash USB dongle step3. select "MH8104F [512K] can" (2nd option from the bottom) step4. press Read I thought it might have to actually plug in car, then it can work. I follow the step 1 plug in openport 2.0 cable. Then I plug in the MMCFlash USB dongle. I think that MMCFlash Software will run automatically. But the computer still does not have any action, can not continue to the next step. Please tell me the detail step how to use USB? My operating system is windows 7, firewall, anti-virus is turned off. Thank you!
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