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  1. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    Just confirming here that the update to version 080 successfully read and write to 7201 ECU in VR4 Legnum and Galant with 6A13TT engine.
  2. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    Thanks, have replied to PM.
  3. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    Just saw this message, have attached. MD340289 PFL ECU.zip
  4. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    That is correct, we have a copy of the EM0005 code read from 28F102 after removal from ECU. Want functionality to use MMCFlash to read and write via K line if possilbe. How did you get copy of code?
  5. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    MD340289 MH7201F ECU sent to you today, delivery 1 - 2 weeks. Thanks.
  6. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    Current club members have solution requiring desolder flash chip, update and replace with socket, I was hoping for a flash operation like with 7202. I understand that this ecu does not have any boot loader code in the rom making the flash with OpenPort cable difficult. If you think it possible I can send to you the ecu, email me your address and I will get it on it's way. Cheers Pierre
  7. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    I have removed the 7201 and connected to bench harness, still same error Wrong ECU Type. Attached is an image of the ECU with cover off.
  8. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    The cpu I am trying to read is a metal case MH7201F that is still in the vehicle, the 7202 cpu was one of several spares I have that I connected to my test harness and bench psu, the 7202 read ok using the OpenPort 2.0 cable, the 7201 will not read and generates the errors shown. I only included the 7202 output so you can confirm my cabling and license is correct for operation. I will remove the cpu from the car tonight and take picture for you.
  9. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    I have tried with version 065 with the following errors: It works ok when reading from a spare 7202 ecu attached to my workbench psu: Is there any hope?
  10. pbaron

    MMCFlash MH7201 VR4 Legnum

    Tried to install MMCFlasher065 but get virus warning from Mcafee, when try on another machine no warning from Microsoft Security Essentials but get following error about missing sense4.dll? This is on a Windows 7 x64 installation. Just tried to install on a Windows XP install and get the same sense4.dll error.
  11. I have purchased a copy of MMCFlash for MH7201/2/3 ECU with the hope to use with MH7201 ecu in a 1996 Legnum VR4. When connecting to and trying to read from this ecu always get error message Incorrect ECU. Is it possible for MMCFlash to work with this ecu model? Thanks.
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