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  1. hi i need to immo off attached file,kindly advise price in pm. subaro m7mad.rar
  2. please immo off this file info : cpu mh8304f 768kb galant-768-ok.rar
  3. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    thanks to all,the customer couldn't wait, i ordered new mux,ill keep you informed when mux is in my hands,thanks all. i hope admin give me authorization to see pinout section.
  4. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    it didnt work ,i cant read this ecu,but i can read dtc and ecu information when i connect the same obd cable.on g-scan diagnostic,i connected boot from pin12 of obd,tried internal boot and external but no luck,i used this new tactrix on can bus and it worked fine on denso and honda,but i think its damaged on k-line,i noticed that when mmc communicates with ecu on k-lin,there is no activity.....13 volt should randomly go to 0 or 1 volts,but that never happen even .2 volts....never. please inform me how to make sure that my tactrix k-line is working or not.if there is away. thanks for all
  5. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    yes ,exactly.
  6. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    yes ,full Mitsubishi authorization ,and open port 2,i didnt use boot pin for reading.please help identifiying boot pin for this ecu on table.and how to connect..
  7. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    I didnt use boot,i thought its used for only writing,if its used for reading,please help how to connect on table
  8. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    please note that this ecu maybe with immobilizer,may be this is why it cant read.attached pics of ecu.
  9. raedareeg

    4g63t MR988925 MH8305F READING

    thanks for reply,but the ecu i have is different,it have 4 connectors ,3 rows each,its ecu+tcu.
  10. HI PLEASE HELP READING THIS ECU FLASH,MMC KEEP TELLING ME Init ERROR,is there any special connection to read this ecu,please if you have a picture of connection on table.
  11. hi all i may be out of order here, does mmc flasher support software for reading and writing hyundai sim2k-140 ... 141 ... etc. thanks
  12. raedareeg


    just wanted to say hi for all,couldn't find the write place
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