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  1. Aerox

    Download link

    OK I will do it, thank you a lot!
  2. Aerox

    Download link

    Who sell it? How much cost?
  3. Aerox

    Download link

    Just downloaded the ROM from my car, evereything works great! But I see ECU flash doesn't have the .xml definition file to decode my rom, can anybody help me also with this problem? My car it's a Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 GDI 2003 AT and the CPU is a MH8301F. Any help will be really appreciated! Pajero_GDI_AT_2003_Stock.bin
  4. Aerox

    Download link

    Thank you very much!!
  5. Aerox

    Download link

    License number 2256
  6. Aerox

    Download link

    Hello to everybody, some time ago I've bought the mmc flasher and an Open port 2.0 on http://chiptuningtools.ru/ ru-tek engineering, but they did not send me the link to download the software. I've tried more times to contact them without any result. Please could anybody give me the link and the instruction to get the mmc flasher software? If needed I can provide the license number. Thank you very much!
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