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  1. Ezenigbo

    Nissan Navara 2008 YD25DDTI

    i have thesame ecu the car was parked for about 1 year then the check engine light diasappered,how can i bring the check engine light back,i have module 36 of mmcflasher,should i just read and write to correct the check engine?only what i want is the car to start,aother ecu has been tested on the car and worked fine,attached is the ecu
  2. Ezenigbo

    mitsubishi colt

    i will pay now for mitsubishi colt, link for payment please
  3. Ezenigbo

    mitsubishi colt

    i will pay now for mitsubishi colt
  4. please see how can i buy tuned firmware for renault scenic 1.6 16v a / t .attached is 29f200 from sirius 32 ecu peter blue ren
  5. can i get immo off for this miisubishi colt mh7202f mit colt 4suck 2 lines.bin
  6. Ezenigbo

    honda accord 2006 2.0

    i can read this ecu on the table but to write it is demanding boot voltage,how can i do it?
  7. 2002 model 3L mec14-340 b2 0y0 sh7055
  8. any immo off solution for pajero with double flash mh8305 attached is the dump mit brain box new pajero mh8305f.bin
  9. any immo off solution for montero with double flash mh7203 attached is the dump MD6h04(252907 MONTERO mh7203fx2.bin
  10. when a car check engine light refused to appear,does is mean the ecm is completely dead or can it be flashed with firmware?
  11. please can i get immo off for this mitsubishi endeavour with no.31A109 the flash is MH8034F read as 768k mitsubishi endeavour 31A109.bin
  12. Ezenigbo

    Honda accord 2005 ecu pinouts

    Still waiting for help
  13. Please I need pinouts for Honda accord ecus type.,37820-RAD-54
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