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  1. can someone say if supported and with which module? (OBD) Mitsubishi Pajero MK386858 E6T01871 thanks
  2. can someone say if it works without problems via obd? VR read works. But he cannot read the calibration file. ([17:02:39] Error: Communication error, code: 0000000007E87F2333 [17:02:39] Error: Reading ROM error) [Firmware version] 1.17.4877 [Dll version] 1.01.4247 Apr 18 2014 16:14:11 [16:55:30] Software number #1: 1779040100 Version: 133600 [16:55:30] Software number #2: 1779026700 Version: 154300 [16:55:30] Software number #3: 1779033200 Version: 163500 [16:55:30] Hardware number: 1779010300 Version: 141000 [16:55:30] VIN: WDD2053871F564180 [16:55:30] Calibration file: 8W35060HU730004 0209
  3. llAndyll

    FORD SID208 SID209 SID211

    A3C02351200 Coniinental SID212EVO i would have here. How long would you need for this? (i ask because it is customer vehicle.)
  4. Is it possible to read/write FORD SID208 SID209 SID211 in OBD? or must it be unlocked in boot or bench? is a solution in planning for SID212EVO? thanks
  5. Can someone please explain how I can use the function. I've tried quite a few but CVN I can't apply to tune file Thanks.
  6. Can you add ROM file please. (see Bench read in Appendix) By the way, is there a way to write CVN number from Stock File? so that the original remains on tuning file? With us it is important because VW sees that the file is manipulated. thanks. TC1793_10SW0491911274N9PM-20200304-163841.bin TC1793_41C80507-C323EC19-170C0020-11000000.pwd TC1793_eeprom-20200304-163929.bin
  7. llAndyll

    Module 56 questions

    Sorry for asking so much, but I just want to be sure what I'm doing. When I Virtual read 4 Files. for example: FL_03L906019GQ_3338.bin FL_03L906019GQ_5579.bin FL_03L906019GQ_6305.bin FL_03L906019GQ_8440.bin can i take each one or how do i know which one is right? thanks
  8. llAndyll

    Module 56 questions

    thanks for the quick response. Is it also possible in the tune file to write the original CVN? (CVN fix) The background is that in Germany this number is read by the state technical control. If the number does not match, the vehicle fails the test. thanks
  9. can someone explain the differences: Bosch UDS MED17 / EDC17 (tune) CAN Bosch UDS MED17 / EDC17 (stock) CAN and what is ECM update (.frf / .sgo) CAN ECM update (.frf / .sgo) Slave CAN? can make an update of the software version with this? like ODIS? thanks for your help
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