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what is module number from following indentify


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I would like to know what module number of Nissan almera 1.0 Turbo as detail 

[Adapter name] Tactrix inc. - OpenPort 2.0 J2534 ISO/CAN/VPWIPWM
[Firmware version] 1.17.4877
[DIl version] 1.01.4247 Apr 18 2014 16:14:11
[14:23:44] Software version: 237105EK3B
[14:23:44] Calibration: 1L01H8
[14:23:44] Hardware part number: 237035EKOA
[14:23:44] Serial number: 6005M332111601541AR7
[14:23:44] CVN:21C4746C
[14:23:44] VIN: MNTBAAN18Z0023156
Warning: unable to identify module


thanks advance 

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