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I've got a MD362115?

I use the USB-Dongle from EVOScan for MH7201F's and a Openport 1.3u.

As Software for Reading out i use MMCFlasher. I can read out my Ecu, but not Write. I got always identity Errors.

That i can read out my ECU i have to START my engine, put in the cable and then i got only one chance to read out.

All following operations don't work. Only the first operation after put in the cable works, after i get Identity Errors

at all operations. Only with ignition on i get Identity Errors from begining.

Please help me.

Engine: 4g93 GDI


HW: MD362115

SW: EM1325

CPU: MH7201F

Thanks in advace

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At me unfortunately isn't present at present Open port 1.3. Specify at Evoscan, from it bought many such modules, whether there are those who use such interface. I think there is no pressure for rewriting on boot pin.

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Here's my Rom

I Used Analyzer.exe for finding Maps.

I Found some of the maps.

High and low Octane Fuel i'm 99% Sure that it is True.

For those i only not found the RPM and Load Scale.

Other maps i dont know what is what, i added them into the konck filter maps that you can find the


Do you have any idea why MMCFlasher stops wrtitng after a few seconds?

approximately 20 sec then the bar stands still.


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Other question, where can i get software updates for the MMCFlasher software?

I'm not sure if my version is the newest. I bought it from evosan. But the

site is ipdating very slow and there are no updates for mmcflash.

What about the ROM. Can you do anything with, or do you need more files or anything?

I'd like to help you if i can.


Rom n XML.zip

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I just wanted to know how you move forward?

Can you give me the newest version of MMCFlasher please?

I want to make sure that the error does not come from the software.

I have read on the evoscan page that a new version is available from MMCfalsher.

However, the page wasnt renewed since looong time, and this is why no update is available on the site.

Do you need anything for easyer create the XML?

Like Engine model or anything?


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have similar problem, but I can't even read ECU - Identity errors

MMCFlash + OP2 cable

Engine: 4g93 GDI

HW: MD351866 E2T68374

CPU: MH7201F

Pics: http://www.evoscan.com/helpdesk/download_attachment.php?att_id=167&track=JQ6JU4VYSD


Any suggestions?

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